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Seven week in-person programs to help people reconnect to themselves,
feel alive and start living fully again.
These workshops meet in a serene space conducive to meditation and discussion.  As part of these workshops you will experience an amazing session of Restorative Yoga  You will feel absolute peace in spite of what is going on in your head.  Don’t worry - no yoga experience necessary- you just lay there- it’s perfect!

The Spiritual Passage Of Grief: Finding The Hidden Gifts

Are you feeling alone in your grief?

Do you sometimes feel like you are going “crazy” since your loved one(s) died? Does it seem the world is going on without you? You are not “yourself" and fear you never will be again?

There is a way out!

If your life has become unmanageable since the death of a loved one and you cannot seem to regain your emotional strength, this program is for you.  There is a distinct passage from devastating grief back to life and you will be guided through the process. Along the way you will be surprised at what shows up when you simply allow.

What is the Program?

7 week in-person small groups combing discussion, mediation and the support of like-minded people. Guaranteed to increase self-awareness and laughter (yes laughter) – all resulting in enhanced freedom and flow into a new way of living.

We will also experience session of Restorative Yoga so you can feel absolute peace in spite of what is normally going on in your head. Don't worry – no yoga experience necessary. You just lay there; it's perfect!

What is the Outcome?

To help you utilize your grief to reconnect yourself, feel alive, and start living fully!

How do I join?

Contact me by selecting the Sign Up button below!

Where are you meeting?

The group will be meeting at 146B South Country Rd. Bellport NY

Forgiveness: The Blueprint for creating a new way of living

Can You Imagine Freedom From Hurt?
Can You Imagine Forgiving YOURSELF For What You Feel You Have Done Wrong?
Can You Imagine Learning How To Accomplish This Surrounded By Kinship And Laughter?
If you are tired of dragging around ALL of your baggage ALL of the time, This Course Is For You!

Coupled with the support of like-minded people, you are guaranteed increased self-awareness and laughter (yes laughter)- all resulting in enhanced freedom and flow into a new way of living.

Start Date: TBA